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Upcoming Events

Men's League Playoffs

 Saturday, August 24

10:00 start time, 18H shotgun.

Crown Royal Open

 Saturday, August 24

1:00 start time. 18 Holes. tee times. This is an invitation or returning player only event. Contact Karl Reber for details.

League Finals and Scramble

 Sunday, August 25

10:00 start time. Tee times.

United Church of Christ

 Sunday, August 25

3:00 start time, 9H tee times.

Ladies' Fall Banquet

 Tuesday, August 27

9 Holes, shotgun start. 5:00 golf. 7:00 dinner

Huntington North vs. Bellmont

 Tuesday, August 27

4:30 start time.

Mckillip Seeds Golf Outing

 Tuesday, August 27

18 holes, 9:30 a.m. 36-40 people.

Blackford vs. AC

 Wednesday, August 28

4:30 girls golf match.

Tri County Senior League

 Wednesday, August 28

8:00 start time. 18 Hole modified shotgun start.

Thursday 3 Man

 Thursday, August 29

The Thursday 3 man (Person) League begins. 3:30 start time. Men and women welcome. 3 person teams must meet handicap eligibility. This event features a different game each week, a team skins game, and nightly payouts. Come and join the fun! This league will play every Thursday until the time change the first week of November.

Mario Ortiz

 Saturday, August 31

8:00 start, 18H shotgun.

Fred Schultz Classic

 Sunday, September 01

1:00 start time. 18 Hole shotgun.

Labor Day Activities

 Monday, September 02

8:30 Skins game. 18 Holes, tee times. 10:00 Busick Family and friends. 9 Holes. Tee times.

New Haven vs. Bellmont

 Tuesday, September 03

4:30 start time.

DeKalb vs. Bellmont

 Thursday, September 05

4:30 start time.

Gritten Turf Aerification

 Friday, September 06

8:00 a.m. Fairway and green aerification.

Bellmont Basketball Benefit

 Saturday, September 07

12:00 shotgun start. 18 Hole shotgun.

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 Sunday, September 08

11:00 start time. 18 Holes, tee times.

Woodlan vs. AC

 Tuesday, September 10

4:30 girls golf match.

Adams Memorial

 Friday, September 13

18 Hole shotgun starting at 11:00 a.m. 36 teams.

High School Girls' Conference

 Saturday, September 14

10:00 a.m. start time. Multiple schools.

Zion Lutheran

 Sunday, September 15

9 hole Shotgun. 18 teams. Event starts at 1:00.

South Side vs. AC

 Monday, September 16

5:00 girls golf match.

Legion Post 47

 Tuesday, September 17

9:00 am shotgun start

Knights of Columbus

 Sunday, September 22

1:00 start, 9H shotgun.


 Sunday, September 22

Possible Eagles outing date. 9:00 tee times, 9 Holes.

Tri County Senior League.

 Wednesday, September 25

The last Tri County Senior League play date of 2019. 8:00 start time. 18 hole modified shotgun.

Fall Classic

 Saturday, September 28

12:00 start time. 18 Hole shotgun.


 Sunday, September 29

Date for the annual Wyneken benefit. 12:00 start time, 18 Hole shotgun.

Grace Midwifery

 Saturday, October 05

8:00 a.m. 18 H shotgun.

Calithumpian Scramble?

 Saturday, October 12

Possible date for the Calithumpian Festival 9 hole Scramble. 12:00 start.

Tri County Senior League

 Wednesday, October 23

10 am, 18H.


 Sunday, October 27

Possible date for the annual Committee Revenge Tournament.